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Start: Sottile Hut
Altitude: d+ 1000 m.
Time: 6h only ascent

From the Ospizio Sottile (2480 m), go down towards Peccia for a hundred meters, then take the left and begin to climb, pass two exposed sections, and through stony pastures you will reach the Valdobbiola hill.
From here you go up into the Aosta Valley to the Alpetto pass; this stretch requires a lot of attention for landslides and slippery terrain.
We then return to the Valsesian side, pass a 15m long slab and with a long traverse we reach the Nero del Rissuolo lake.
Climb to the Artemisia pass (presence of chain) and then through gullies to the Bocchetta del Forno. 
Follow the stamps that rise on the steep stony ground in front of us. You arrive under black crags, where there are old chains that allow you to overcome the usually wet plaques.
At this point (we are at 2900m), we begin to climb for the maximum slope on a well-marked path, but full of continuous passages of the first and second degree. 
Pay close attention also not to move the many unstable stones.
Arrived at the collar, climb left to the crest, arriving at this magnificent viewpoint overlooking our Alps.

Following the same ascent route, climbing, to reach the Nero lake, then the small Lago Bianco lake and then you can refresh yourself at the Carestia Refuge, to end the splendid tour, go down almost as far as you can, taking the initial mule track that leads to the Sottile Refuge.

It seems to touch Monte Rosa and the entire Alps, absolutely attention to the length of the itinerary and not to be underestimated even from a technical point of view.

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