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Start: Sottile Hut
Altitude: d+ 500 m.
Time: 2h only ascent

From the Sottile Hut you go down on path 1 in the direction of Valsesia and after a little more than fifty meters follow the deviation to the left (path no. 1B, pole carefully scrambled!) Which goes up towards Colle di Valdobbiola and Passo dell'Alpetto. After a short, very steep and somewhat landslide section, you change sides and pass another short section of fairly exposed path. Following the path, with a long traverse you will reach Colle di Valdobbiola (m 2635).

From Colle di Valdobbiola follow the signs painted on rock, typical of the Val Vogna for the Passo dell'Alpetto (always 1B) as far as the path reaches the western ridge of our summit. Turn right and continue without a path, along the western ridge and after a first stretch of rocks and passing tracks you will arrive at smooth, slightly inclined plates, which are overcome without difficulty and in a short time you reach the summit at the top .

Descend to the collar, climbing briefly, and then continue in easy climbing on the end of the ridge (on the final ridge it is advisable to go directly on the ridge itself rather than attempting dangerous bypasses!) With steps of I and II slightly exposed.

Descent as for the climb, be careful when climbing

Pay attention to friable rock, we always recommend the helmet. Ascent to be done in the day only with a good training considering the difference in height to be done in the day. Isolated and wild wild environment, you can also meet local fauna, a not very popular itinerary that allows you to fully enjoy the surrounding landscape without reaching very high altitudes.

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