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Start: Sottile Hut
Altitude: d+ 1200 m.
Time: 8-10 h

From the Ospizio Sottile (2480 m), go down towards Peccia for a hundred meters, then take the left and begin to climb, pass two exposed stretches, and through stony pastures you will reach the Valdobbiola hill.


From here you go up into the Aosta Valley to the Alpetto pass; this stretch requires a lot of attention for landslides and slippery terrain.


We then return to the Valsesian side, we pass a 15 m slab. in length and with a long traverse you reach the Nero del Rissuolo lake. From this point you can go down to the White lake and then to the Carestia refuge (2201 m), open in summer, where you can stay overnight or go down to the Peccia.


The very expert hiker can instead go up to the Artemisia pass (presence of chain) and then through gullies to the Bocchetta del Forno. From this it is possible to climb to the top of the Corno Bianco, altitude 3,320 m, and then descend to the Artemisia pass and to the Nero lake or continue along the ridge to the Bocchetta di Puio, descend on the Puio snowfield, cross it up to the Pioda pass, go down to the Tailly lakes, finally go up among scree to the Tailly collar and then to the Ravelli bivouac (2504 m.) where to stay overnight.



The stretch from the Artemisia pass to the Tailly collar is to be considered a mountaineering route

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