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Start: Sottile Hut
Altitude: d+ 400 metri
Time: 4h only ascent

From Sottile Hut attacks the ridge towards Punta Carestia, first by climbing over Punta Plaida and then the other well marked reliefs up to the final part of the more aerial ridge and exposed with passages up to the third degree on compact gneiss rock (about 4 hours).

Once at the top and after admiring the fantastic panorama, you start downhill on the S-O side through a ridge about 2.5 km long, which climbs over the Corni del Pallone and climbs down the Corni del Pallone and leads to the Camino pass (2472 m).
It involves only a few delicate passages on easy rock, then stones and grassy bumps. From Passo del Camino on a path in a short time you reach Alpe Maccagno (2188 m.), A magnificent clearing surrounded by lakes where you can stay overnight. Descending along the Vogna valley in about 1.30 hours you return to Ca' di Janzo.

Uncrowded destination but of particular charm for the wild and lonely environment, it offers a very wide panorama.
This itinerary requires some familiarity with classic climbing and excellent physical endurance.

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