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Start: Sottile Hut
Altitude: d+ 400 m.
Time: 2h only ascent

The itinerary described starts at the Sottile Hut.

To reach Punta Triscte, continue along the ridge from the top of Corno Valdobbia until you reach a saddle downhill, always go up on a slightly sharp ridge, sometimes with elementary climbing to the top (be careful of snow even in late season).

The descent can take place in 3 different ways:
-For the same ascent route without particular difficulties
- Go down to about 2500m of altitude towards Punta Bandiera, and from there through grassy slopes and a gully we rejoin the path 105 at the height of the Alpe Cialfrezzo below, clearly visible from the top
- Descend into the saddle between Corno Valdobbia and Punta Triscte and rejoin the path to the Valdobbiola pass.

Uncrowded destination but of particular charm for the wild and lonely environment, poorly signposted paths, good knowledge of the environment or excellent orientation!

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