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Start: from Sant'Antonio
Altitude: d+ 1100 m.
Time: 5 h

From Sant'Antonio follow a comfortable dirt road that soon turns into a mule track and follows the bottom of the Vogna Valley to the junction for Alpe Larecchio.

Along the way, the Napoleonic Bridge and the newly renovated Alpe Peccia Church.

A short detour from the main path allows you to reach Alpe Larecchio, where the homonymous farmhouse is located.

From the alp to Colle Valdobbia you follow a comfortable and evident path. The Ospizio Sottile refuge is located at Colle Valdobbia.

Colle Valdobbia is located on the watershed crest between Valsesia and the Gressoney valley.

It was, in past centuries, an essential route for the seasonal emigration of the Valsesians and of the many travelers coming from Piedmont and Lombardy to go to the markets of Geneva and Lyon.

To remedy the numerous accidents of the winter period in 1823, Canon Nicolao Sottile built the homonymous hospice right on the Colle saddle, also endowing him with meteorological instruments.

The refuge was recently renovated and reopened in the summer of 2002. From the hill we descend along the pastures of the area, crossing an oasis of protection rich in specimens of alpine fauna.

After a series of narrow hairpin bends you arrive at the small village of Verdebio. The path is marked with numbers 105 and 11.

Going up the road that runs alongside the stream, after about 20 minutes you arrive in Gressoney-Saint-Jean.

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